House of Lace

The investors were a married couple, dreaming of an interior that was supposed to be related to the decorative Italian Glamour. The interior I found in the shell state welcomed me with clarity and open space, in which there were a kitchen, a dining room and a living room on the ground floor. A seemingly easy order turned out to be quite difficult because every detail and material was selected in line with the next one, and only the interior that was being formed showed what was still missing to achieve the desired effect… An intricate puzzle :)  

The interior’s keynote was inspired by the ellipses rhythmically arranged, forming a geometric pattern. I added several other geometric motifs to this theme, and they have set the path for the living room, kitchen and dining room. The first sketches were drawn up for the staircase. Because there were already winder stairs with a wrought-iron railing, I had to adjust to the style, and on the basis of its pattern, I invented the decoration over the fireplace, which made the stairs become calmer and more delicately integrated into the hall. All handmade moulding designs and column finials were created afterwards.
I suggested that the interiors should be bright, mellow in soft shades of dirty beiges.

During the implementation, I have exercised utmost diligence so that every element is specially designed and hand-made. Many elements are not commercial, intricately made to individual order. Actually, there are no ready-made parts purchased from a catalogue, and thanks to that it was possible to achieve the effect of uniqueness and personal style.

Floors: marble, African wood
Furniture: varnished wood, wood core plywood, MDF
Doors: veneer
Moulding: hand-made plaster casts
Wallpapers: USA
Lamps: Italy

Dominika Rostocka