Geometric House

The presented interiors have been awarded in the European Property Awards competition, which is a regional part of the International Property Awards.
This is one of the key competitions in the real estate and investment industry.
The house is located on a beautiful 25a plot and has more than 350 m2. On the ground floor of the house there is a large living room, kitchen with dining room and hall. In the living room, the family spends their evenings on a soft leather sofa warming up at an impressive fireplace size made of travertine. The floor was finished with walnut. The room is spacious and conducive to rest. Looking at the ceiling, we will be delighted with a lamp based on three squares. The symbolic theme "for three" will accompany us throughout the interior, in the decoration of the ceiling, wall decorations and lighting.
In the dining room, a glass table accompanied by stylized chairs with a classic line plays the leading role. The floor was finished with a geometric arrangement of white travertine and black marble. The spacious dining room is directly connected to the kitchen. Part of the kitchen fronts is finished with a glossy rosewood veneer.

Dominika Rostocka