Residence under the Oaks part. I

The house was built on a picturesque 4 ha plot, located among forests, just by a private lake. The investor wanted to build a residence whose style and design was related to the mansions of the nineteenth century, but with very modern functionality and structure. I was inspired by nature and dense forests surrounding the plot. I was looking for an individual name or a detail that could label the project because I have a habit of giving individual characteristics to every project.

On the basis of the taste of the owners, I decided to use plant motifs and oak leaves as the leitmotif. Thanks to the openness of investors, I could invent many decorative details that saturated a fairly large body of the building, making it coherent. I suggested that the interior should be bright, mellow and made of select special materials. The first vision of the interior was created, and we all liked it. During the implementation, I always exercise utmost diligence so that every element is specially designed and hand-made. Many elements are not commercial, intricately made as in the past epochs to individual order. Actually, there are no ready-made parts purchased from a catalogue, and thanks to that it was possible to achieve the effect of uniqueness and personal style.

The house is energy-efficient, equipped with low-voltage and low-temperature installations. The walls of the building are 65 cm thick and insulated with ventilated mineral wool. I used environment-friendly wall paints and paper wallpapers, so that the walls could breathe freely, and thanks to the natural lime plaster it is possible and there is a perfect climate in the house. The air is led to the building through ground dolomite filters, which makes it fresh and negatively ionised. The house has a smart installation and a whole range of innovative solutions.

Every detail has been designed individually. 

Floors: Polish, Italian and Brazilian marbles, laser-cut and handmade
Furniture: varnished wood, wood core plywood, MDF
Doors: hand-painted wood, optiwhite glass with phase, milled glass
Moulding: hand-made plaster casts
Wallpapers: England, Belgium, USA
Lamps: Chandeliers come from antique shop offers – original lamps from the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth century – Vienna and Swarovski crystals.

Dominika Rostocka