The Love House

Surrounded by old trees, located in one of the suburbs of Warsaw. Filled with original furniture, beautiful fabrics, contemporary art and the sounds of classical music.
The house was bought from the secondary market. The new owners were charmed by its secluded location. It was decided to leave the wooden floor in the house and to keep the current layout of the rooms. At the same time, they created a list of priority changes. Among them was the brightening of the whole house and especially the living room. The designer has done this through a variety of decorative treatments, including the introduction of large panels of antiqued mirrors on the walls at home. One of the most spectacular effects was the placement of an aged mirror on the wall with a fireplace in the living room. Noteworthy in the Salon is the silk-covered buildings in which the TV was hidden. An open system for the remote control reveals its presence only when it is needed. Thanks to its concealment, the salon gained a clean form and luxurious finishing materials. The same type of silk finishes all windows on the paterze. An interesting feature of this interior are the walls, almost all are covered with textile wallpapers that not only add texture, but also a light gloss.

Dominika Rostocka